We had a lovely breakfast. Included was sauteed mushrooms, fried noodles, baked beans, and thankfully some American pastries! Dad and Trent like all the Chinese food but I'm not big on it! Mom likes the fried rice. Dad tried a sort of noodle soup and chopsticks--which he is having a hard time mastering. :) everyone who walked by smiled and laughed. :)
   We went to bed about 6:30 last night since we were so tired! The hotel is extremely nice. Everyone is friendly and most people speak English.
     Beijing had a dust storm 3 weeks ago so last night was smoggy and overcast but today is very sunny and should be nice. It's chilly here.
We are now at the Forbidden City waiting for our tickets. The people of China have no qualms about pushing and shoving in crowds! Everyone is packed tight! We just visited Tianamen (sp?) Square. There were enormously large lines to get into see Mao's body. The Forbidden City is also enormous!!!
It's hilarious how everyone drives! As one of our missionaries told us, "You can drive without a steering wheel but not without a horn!" and the same goes for China! Everyone is riding bikes (without helmets) or pushing loaded carts, it's pretty amazing!

We're eating lunch at a Chinese restraunt-"The Friendship Shop" We have Kung Pao chicken, sweet and sour pork, rice (of course!) and dried beef. It all tastes very different from our american Chinese food.

We climbed the Great Wall of China! (at least a portion of it :)) We did a very steep part, which was quite a workout! Our legs are all wobbly!