4/8/10 8:40am EST
We're on our way! We are in the Dullas airport waiting for our flight to board. (9:20 am)
9:40 amEST
we're leaving!
We're almost to Chicago! We're all so excited! Dad and I are doing a crossword. One hour down--15 more to go!
10:31 (Chicago time!)
Trent is so excited, he doesn't remember flying before. He sat next to the window.
12:20 (Chicago time)
Georgia--here we come! We're boarded and waiting for our flight to start. We are SO excited!
Still going! It's really sunny outside.
2:00am EST
2:00pm China time
We're here! Our plane is landing now.
5:00pm China time
We're here! I'm sitting in the window at the Beijing Renaissance Hotel overlooking the city. It is so awesome to be here!