This morning, we took Georgia back to the medical clinic for her TB test results. Thankfully she tested negative! After that, we went to the Guongzhou zoo, which was a lot of fun! Georgia loved all the animals--especially when they made noises! There were all kinds of animals!--including gorillas, monkeys, zebras, a panda, tigers, leopards, lions, a rhino, hippos, kangaroos and more. It was a lot of fun.

She loved the monkeys!
      This afternoon, we took her swimming at the hotel pool. It's outdoors, so the water was pretty chilly!!!! but Trent and I got in. JiaJia eventually got in with us (we held her) and she loved it! She didn't even get goose bumps :) (my teeth were chattering!)  She especially liked it when Trent splashed a lot :)
     For supper we had roast chicken (with apple juice, Pringles, and a chocolate doughnut--great supper :)) and JiaJia loved the chicken. :) :)
     She also enjoys turning the alarm clock on and off, setting the alarm and turning on the radio. :)