(Sorry about the jump in days, my journal notes keep getting scattered. Georgia loves unpacking and repacking my notebook and I guess the 12th got jumbled up!)

Dad has JiaJia in a pack, and he is humming to her. She loves it, and is humming with him. :) This morning at breakfast they were playing "White Christmas" by Bing Crosby, and had a delightful selection of Christmas music. :) We just can't get enough "fired noodle" and baked beans for breakfast.
Georgia loves to dump out all her pencils, and put them all back, she loves pushing buttons on the phones, taking baths and brushing her teeth. She also has unpacked and repacked all of our suitcases. :) She can dress herself and put her own shoes on.
We had lunch at "Seaport" restaraunt, and we were the only English speaking people there!!! We finally got it across that we wanted rice and vegetables. They had all kinds of interesting food, such as seahorse and duck tongue and starfish. The only utensil was chopsticks, and the waitresses all got a kick out of watching us try to use them. :) They finally felt sorry for us and brought over forks. :)
We walked about a pretty park behind our hotel, where there were all kinds of beautiful birds in cages. We got a great picture with some men that were sitting around on the benches. :) There is a common "sport" here that the older men enjoy, which involves whipping (with a whip:)) a top, that spins and makes a humming sound. (hollow)