We all got up at 3:00. We're so excited! Today we fly to Guiyang to get Georgia Maeleigh TingJia Cole!
Susan, our guide here in Beijing, said that "Jia" is part of her name, and her friends call her JiaJia.

We're on the plane to Guiyang! Air China is very nice. We tried to talk to some elderly Chinese ladies at the airport but we couldn't understand each other! We can only say "thank you" and "no thank you" in Chinese. :)

We're taking off!

Georgia is fantastic!!! We got to meet her about 5:30! She was with her foster family, who have taken very good care of her. They said that she is called "JiaJia" at their home, (just like Susan:)) She is very fiesty and sutbborn!! She hardly cried at all when we got her. She loves riding in the elevator, and in the car, and goes with the flow. :) She prefers Mom and I right now, and is a little scared of Dad. :)
We're eating Papa Johns pizza tonight. It was pretty expensive, but it is so nice to eat "American" food.